Curricular Restructuring

One of the main objectives of RISE’s team is to guide Higher Education Institutions through the process of redesigning and modernizing their study programs. Doing so is an arduous practice which requires specialized field experts. Taking part in this renovation process is a strategy and tool for (HEI’s) concerned with their ongoing improvement of academic standards. This century’s fast paced technological advances forces academic institutions to sustain quality and strive for excellence.


In order to successfully meet today’s global challenges, HEI’s must strengthen their international programs and policies. With this in mind, RISE draws up tailor-made international programs for each institution. Furthermore, our team at RISE, designs successful strategies to promote academic mobility programs and establish cooperation between Mexico’s institutions and those abroad. Top-notch institutions must boost international engagement to efficiently compete in the global market.

Academic Accreditation

RISE acknowledges the importance of having properly accredited academic programs and providing students with diverse certifications. Consequently, RISE provides HEI’s its experience and professional integrity in this regard. Strong institutional credentials such as accredited programs and certifications spawns trust from employers, subsequently, hiring professionals from these programs because they have obtained the necessary knowledge, skills and training to have a smooth transition into the labor force.